Six on Saturday: 25 May 2019


The cat-prevention devices appear to be working.  Amazing what you can do with some old trellis laths, CDs and rusty hanging baskets! Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 25 May 2019”


Six on Saturday: 18 May 2019

20190518 (9)

This Lollo Rossa lettuce looks pretty; though it doesn’t have much flavour, it’s useful for bulking out a salad – and fills gaps in my planting squares.

20190518 (11)

A nasty surprise left by a local cat this morning means I don’t fancy planting vegetables in this square, so I’ve planted the last pot of sweetpeas here instead.

20190518 (6)

Desperately seeking space for the last of my runner bean plants – one has found a home in Raised Bed B, that leaves four.

20190518 (4)

My anti-cat fouling attempts – old roofing battens with the spiky nails still in them, and ‘disco-ball’ style upended hanging baskets.

20190518 (12)

After I took this photo, I used more hanging baskets as covers for these pots to stop birds pecking the foliage.

20190518 (15)

Time to thin my carrots!!  I’ve still got a couple of squares to fill so I’ll put the thinnings in there.  The soil is still quite stony so I’ll be interested to see how they grow – short and dumpy, or forked and slightly rude!

These are my six – head over The Propagator’s Blog to see what he – and everyone else – has been up to.

Six on Saturday: 4 May 2019


20190504 (11)

We woke this morning to a heavy frost – the neighbours’ lawns had turned white, and anyone wanting to move their car would have to scrape the windscreen first.  That gave way to sun, then strong winds which threatened to blow the washing off the line and into the next village.  But it hadn’t stopped the white clematis Montana from opening and showing off its first flowers.

20190504 (7)

Nor the allium, which has been threatening to flower for a couple of weeks and decided today was the day.

Meanwhile, matters are getting out of hand in the greenhouse/potting shed.  With the threat of more frost over the long weekend, I daren’t plant anything outside.  Among the boxes, pots and troughs are the 56 beetroot seedlings – now pricked out into individual bio-degradable pots – and 72 chard seedlings (36 in each trough), pricked out this morning.

Meanwhile, my raised beds remain empty of everything bar garlic and climbing beans.

Hopefully there’s more going on in other gardens; have a look at The Propagator’s Blog to see what’s been happening elsewhere.