Six on Saturday: 24 July 2021

First – drumroll please – some good news. I have managed to pass Year One of my Open University masters’degree – a ‘Pass with Merit’ classification which means – when I stump up the cash – I can go on to Year Two (which will actually be a full calendar year and not eight months). We celebrated on Tuesday with a reduced price Indian banquet (in a box from Tesco) and a shared bottle of Magners! Now I’ve just got to come up with a brilliant idea for my 15,000 word project (dissertation) – suggestions on the back of a seed packet please.

I’ve started – so I’ll finish. While this morning’s weather was in two minds whether to send a shower or some sun in our direction, I wasn’t hanging around. I’ve painted that horrible breeze block wall beneath the lavender border. Now that we’ve finished sealing the drive, it was the final thing that had to be done. I’ve even painted the gate post (not that we have a gate). It’s only taken me thirty-four years to get round to it. Just the garage door to paint (Hammerite ‘Chestnut’) and the white surround, and . . .

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Weekend Workout (continued): Front Path and Drive completed

Following our attempt to powerwash the drive, everything came to a halt when our powerwasher blew up. Fortunately my brother did have one to lend us, though not – apparently – as powerful as our own had been.

This meant it took twice the time (around 3 hours, to finish cleaning the drive as each ‘cobble’ had to be cleaned separately.

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Weekend Workout: Paths and Patios (Delayed)

Sunday morning was the ideal time to pressure wash the patterned concrete step, path and drive in preparation for sealing it (a job that hasn’t been done as often as it should be). All was going well, though we had to change over hosepipes part-way through. And then . . . pouff or rather BANG!

Everything has now come to a halt while we wait for my brother to drop off his pressure washer sometime this evening! (A scrubbing brush and soapy water doesn’t cut it).

Hubby will check to see if it can be repaired; if not, a new one is on the cards – which will be our seventh domestic appliance to be replaced since January 2020. Our sixth domestic appliance is the Dyson vacuum cleaner which blew up on Friday!

Thank goodness from now on everything must be repairable in the UK, with parts easily obtained!