Start with the Basics

It is Good Friday, 30 March 2018, and I am embarking on an experiment to see if I can grow enough vegetables and salad crops to support two adults.

This is how the area looked at the beginning of this month.  A border 17 feet wide by four feet nine inches deep, previously used for shrubs.


This is how it looks now.  We’ve had the boundary wall replaced and two raised beds made, with small paths for ease of access.  This gives us a maximum of 52 square feet of growing space; though there is room for additional pots and tubs.


The area still needs some work – the paths need a layer of gravel in the gaps.  I’ve already dug out the left-hand raised bed and removed several bricks, half-bricks and lumps of mortar from the old wall; loosened the sub-soil and added leaf mould.


I just need to do the same with the right-hand side; who knows how many bricks are under there.

This time it should be easier as I’ll use the soil to build up the level in the other bed, then start adding compost, grass cuttings (from my neighbours), shredded newspaper etc to this one.  It’s going to be more difficult deciding what to grow as the right-hand bed is mostly in the shade until mid to late afternoon in the summer.

Meanwhile, I’m putting together a wish list of things that I need before I even begin to think about buying seeds and plants..

I’d like to grow peas and beans, possibly cucumbers too; but instead of using canes or trellis, I’d like to try a couple of arches covered with netting or chicken-wire over the centre path – which will still allow access to the Pizza oven/BBQ against the wall.  I intend to make use of every conceivable inch of space.

Watering won’t be a problem.  There’s room for a water butt on the left hand side of this picture – we just need to add a gutter to the shed, with a downspout into the butt.

. . . and for the weather to brighten/warm up and we I can get on with things.

The weather forecast for Easter Monday is SNOW!


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