I Bought Some Seeds


The Easter weekend has been a washout.  Cold and wet; with snow on Easter Monday, not the weather for gardening.  Rain is forecast for the next week too.

But we went out anyway on Saturday morning; first to a local discount store and then the garden centre on the way home.

Purchases were diverse to say the least

  • a wire brush – for cleaning the old bricks from the demolished boundary wall
  • safety glasses – to use when I get round to cleaning the old bricks
  • rubble sacks – to clear away the broken bricks and old mortar which need to be taken to the recycling centre run by the local council.
  • Rat and mouse bait – we have a rat in the garden, attracted initially by my neighbour’s chickens, now living off the seeds scattered by wild birds from the feeders in my garden – and hiding in the old bricks.

Then the fun stuff

  • three potato growing sacks
  • A packet of seed potatoes – Pentland Javelin, a first early variety – to grow in the sacks
  • And 5 packs of seeds:

Pea – Kelvedon Wonder – dwarf early cropper (200 seeds)
Tomato – Tumbling Tom Yellow – for hanging baskets and tubs (20 seeds)
Chard – Bright Lights – multicoloured stems (150 seeds)
Carrot – Nantes 5 – early cropping – can eat when small or allow to grow for larger carrots (2000 seeds)
Lettuce – Salad Bowl green and red mixed – a continuous crop of leaves (600 seeds)

I will only use a few seeds from each packet, but they are mostly labelled “sow before 2021”, though the chard and peas are by 2020.

Best of all, I could start growing the tomatoes immediately – on a warm windowsill, ready to plant out sometime in May or June.

I just need to find a warm windowsill, and buy some seed compost.

Or I could just sit here and draw up plans, drink coffee and read other people’s blogs.






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