Rat Antics

I mentioned in my previous post that we have been ‘adopted’ by a rat.  It is said that most people are within six feet of a rat at any one time.

In my opinion – that’s TOO CLOSE!

Yesterday I managed to capture some images of said rat in our back yard.  I’ve been putting seed out for the wild birds over Winter, but that’s going to stop now.  Even though the weather is still cold, I’ve seen a few insects flying so the birds should be fine.

The rat (or it’s parents) were attracted to the garden because my neighbour kept chicken in a run behind our property and didn’t clear any uneaten food, so the rat came to finish it off and stayed.

Now it’s found the seed the birds have dropped and the fat and seed block I hung up after the last blast of snow and freezing temperatures.

To be fair, the rat is only taking advantage of resources.  It’s found a place to hide


in this stack of old bricks, though I’ll be moving them soon.  It’s found a source of food (see the bird feeders in the top left of the photo.

But I don’t want it in my garden!

No matter how cute it looks (through the kitchen window) or how agile and acrobatic it is.

And, somehow, the cheeky rodent has managed to move the hook the fat block hangs from CLOSER to the bricks so it no longer has to scramble up and down the trellis.

So far, it’s managed to avoid the bait and traps.

My neighbour has just told us that he’ll be getting more chickens soon.  Between, chickens, rodents, and the moles burrowing in his field (and probably under our house) we are under attack!




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