Plans and Details

Every project needs to start with a plan.

Basic Plan 1.1

^This is my very rough sketch – with measurements.

Basic Plan 2

^Evolving to this – not to scale, obviously; the three access paths are a shade over two feet wide (because we already had the paving slabs).

^And then the individual raised beds.

Hopefully, these will evolve into the perfect plan – when I decide what I want to grow, and – more importantly – if it will grow where I want it too.

I am going to try the Square Foot method of gardening, though the beds don’t lend themselves to making this an exact science; and my brother says I should be calling it Foot Square gardening.  I’m just going to call it Grid Gardening.

I initially thought I would divide each bed into 36 individual squares – but that seemed rather small so I’m going to divide each bed into 16 squares instead.

Bed A is sunny most of the day – ideal, so I’m told, for things that fruit – tomatoes, peas, beans etc., and for herbs

Bed B is sunny from early afternoon onwards – perfect for leafy and root vegetables – salad leaves, carrots, parsnips are all in my plan.

At the moment, my idea for growing peas and beans over an arch that straddles the two beds in on hold.  The minimum span required is 91 centimetres or 36 inches – but the ones I have seen are much wider, at least 140 centimetres or 55 inches, which would place the supports in the middle of the beds.

But if I can buy a cheap one I might give it a try.



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