Rat Antics – Part 2: Dunk the Rat


The rat (or rats) have been deprived of their free buffet and are continuing to ignore the bait boxes.

Hubbie has hatched a cunning plan (another one).  He’s been looking on the internet and found a new trap.


called the Walk the Plank rat trap! You can see a similar one in action here.


You persuade the rat to ‘walk the plank’ by placing a tempting amount of peanut butter on the end of the ‘plank’, which is suspended over a bucket of water.

Ratty climbs the ladder you provide, strolls along the plank, whiskers twitching in anticipation of all that lovely peanut buttery goodness and . . .

. . . the ‘plank’ tips and the rat slides down it – through the peanut butter – and falls into the bucket . . .

which must be deep enough for it not to be able to climb out again.  Ratty swims around until it gets too tired to swim any further and drowns – to be fished out later and disposed of.  NOT BY ME.

I wonder if it will be dressed like this?

Related image

Will it work?

Not having any peanut butter to hand, hubbie has smeared some lard on the end of the gadget and is now keeping his ears peeled for the splash!


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