Rat Antics: Part 3

So the ‘Walk the Plank’ rat trap duly arrived in the post from Hong Kong (?) a few days ago.


Hubbie chose his bucket – in this case an old kitchen swing bin – and duly secured the trap to the bin, then we smeared peanut butter over the trap and the ‘ladder’ leading to it.

Yesterday, the trap had been sprung, but nothing was caught – the weight of the peanut butter stopped the trap re-setting.

This morning, the trap had been sprung again and . . .

We got one


I’m not sure if this is a young rat, a female or a mouse – and I’m not going anywhere near it to check.  I believe it’s a rat because of the ears; they’re smaller than photos of mice on the internet.

But at least we know the trap works.

Update: We have now caught a total of two three four five eight juvenile rats – and disposed of them!


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