Gutters and Water Butts

The first day of warm and sunny weather and we’ve been fitting gutters to my shed to collect in the water butt.

We have lots of sections of guttering and downspouts but the local builders merchant swore they didn’t have any brackets and stop ends to fit, so Hubbie had to buy more.

It took us a while (four hours) but everything is in place and we’ve tested it by training the hosepipe on the shed roof.  Considering we’ve never had a gutter there before, any water we collect for the garden will be a bonus.

While Hubbie sorted out his tools and screws and made blocks to screw to the shed to hold the brackets (because the roof sticks out more than a normal roof would – hence never fixing a gutter in the 15 years since we turned it from a pergola to a shed), I divided one of the raised bed into sections.

I was going to go with 3 batons in each direction to give 16 planting sections, but they seemed rather small, so I’ve gone with 9 sections, but I can always plant more than one crop per section if I need to, or subdivide.


The sunny weather has also allowed me to check where the sun falls on the second raised bed, screened as it is from the morning sun by the wall and the midday sun by another shed,

This was 3 pm today, though in mid-summer I would expect more of the bed to be exposed to sunlight, and for longer.


If it’s sunny and warm tomorrow I’ll remove the tarpaulin to let the soil dry out – this is the one I need to dig out and remove builder’s debris.

Then I can start building my arches.

I have salad crops sprouting, peas have roots but no shoots yet, and I believe there are signs of at least one tomato seed sprouting.

We may not be fully self-sufficient this first year, but I’ve made a start and that’s all that matters.

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