Plastic v Cardboard in the Garden

I’ve been hoarding the cardboard tubes from inside toilet rolls.  Many years ago I remember one of the gardening programmes on TV using them to grow Sweet Peas, quite successfully too.

So my theory is that if you can grow Sweet Peas in a cardboard tube, then you must be able to grow ordinary peas and runner beans too.  I’m going to try it.

There’s the added bonus that the peas and beans will be planted into the garden, still in the cardboard, so no root disturbance AND the cardboard will rot down, adding a minute amount of compost to the raised beds.

Image result for growing veg seeds in cardboard tubes and boxes
A random image from the internet to show the general idea

I wonder if I can start carrots off this way too.  Or leeks.  Or . . . you get the picture.

Not just Greenfingers  suggests using kitchen roll tubes to grow straight parsnips.

I don’t have a problem with wonky ones myself.

As I am considering a variation of Square Foot Gardening (or should that be Foot Square gardening? – I’ll just call it Grid Gardening), using small cardboard boxes to start off seeds and then transplant the whole crop into a ‘square’ might work, especially with salad leaves – the pick and come again type.

I have an Easter egg box (just the one) that might work if cut in half.

Well that went well!

Then I went a bit mad and made these – from a cracker box, and cappucino box, a cup-a-soup box, a . . . well you get the idea.

I do have some plastic plant pots, but they’ll last for ages yet.  Garden waste sacks will be emptied at the recycling centre and brought home to be used again and again until they fall apart.

By then, we might have come up with a way of recycling or getting rid of them that doesn’t impact on the environment.

Plastic bottles can be used as mini-cloches to prevent slugs and snails from nibbling on emerging seedlings.


Or even to make a greenhouse .

Image result for using plastic bottles in the garden

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