Things are coming together nicely

It’s Sunday, May bank holiday, and for once the weather is hot and sunny for the second day in a row.  It was time to dig out that second raised bed.

Two hours later, I have quarter-filled four rubble sacks with old mortar, stones and builders sand (any more and no-on would be able to lift them), dug out old roots that were starting to grow again, taken out enough bricks and half-bricks to put another layer on the wall, and dug in and spread grass clippings.

I’ll leave it for a week then rake it level and cover with cardboard until the grass begins to rot down.

Now this is done, I can think about putting my garden arches in place.  I’ve bought three but might only have room for two.  I’m going to need them soon as the warm weather has brought the seeds on and I have proper plants now.


The peas (right-hand side) are dwarf, so in theory shouldn’t need supports but I’ll use canes and twine to contain them in their patches.

My beans (left-hand side) have started showing and they will need support so can grow up the arches.

Salad crops are ready for planting out so I might do that tomorrow – they say the weather will be cooler – otherwise early morning would be best perhaps.  The three boxes in the front contain cherry tomatoes – they’re just getting their proper leaves but are nowhere near ready to pot on.


These are my pot marigolds and nasturtiums – another week and they should be ready to plant up in hanging baskets with the tomatoes.  I’ll sow more in the first raised bed which is ready to go.

This afternoon I have sown carrots, beetroot and Swiss Chard into boxes.

When I finally plant my seedlings into the ground, I will sow seeds at the same time – it may be that they will all produce fruits/roots/leaves at the same time; we’ll see.


The radish are ready to go in now.  And what a difference three days of warm weather makes – the garlic cloves I planted have perked up and are starting to grow.  I read somewhere that you shouldn’t plant garlic that you buy in a supermarket because it is treated to stop it spouting – I think they must have missed mine!

Despite the unexpected hot weather, and a touch of sunburn, I really feel I have achieved something.

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