To Do List: Ticked

So today we took 10 sacks (not full or we’d never have lifted them) of miscellaneous builders’ rubble to the local recycling centre for disposal – and returned home with five of the sacks half-filled with free compost.

This means I can start another potato bag.  My seed potatoes have not started sprouting so I’m cheating and using potatoes from the kitchen – which have!  I know there are arguments for and against using these, but I’ve done it before and lived to tell the tale.

My brother brought me four Moneymaker tomato plants, two sweet corn plants and two sunflowers; I have four large pots and two growbags to empty into them.  The problem is that I am going on holiday soon and if I leave plants in the greenhouse they’ll dry out and die, so I’ll have to plant them up soon – and find some way of providing a water reservoir in the bottom of the pots – a large flower pot saucer filled with water-retaining crystals should do the job.

My own tomatoes are pathetic.  Planted at the beginning of April, they still only have two small leaves; possible I’ve over-watered them, so I’m going to pot them up into individual pots and see how they go.  I might sow fresh seeds in the same pot at the same time.

It’s my brother’s 50th soon and he asked for a large outdoor ceramic pot, which we bought today – the bags of compost made a safe haven for the pot as we travelled home over winding and pot-holed roads.  Now I’ve got to try and wrap it!!

Other sundry purchase include:

  • a solar powered butterfly
  • 100 solar powered outdoor lights – now wrapped around my arch
  • 5 plastic plant pots suitable for hanging on trellis
  • 1 packet of Cosmos seeds
  • 1 packet of Bunny Tails ornamental grass seeds

All in all a good day,  lunch included; but the credit card has melted in shock!

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