Weekend Workout

With hot, and dry, weather last week, and forecast for this coming week, it is a constant battle to keep everything watered – and my water butt is running dry.  I have another at the other side of the garden but it is still surrounded by a mound of bricks and therefore inaccessible.


I’ve potted up these four tomato plants, using a small quantity of water-retaining crystals in each pot.

I have experimented this time, adding water to the crystals in separate containers then placing a few in the bottom of the pots before adding compost.


It is easier to judge how much to add – and I am checking how long they will retain water for by leaving these saucers in the hot greenhouse.


I’ve added extra plants to the only raised bed that I am able to cultivate at the moment.


^It’s looking a bit fuller now.


^I suspect that the second sowing of salad leaves may overtake the original sowing.  Also these may be in the wrong place and should be in the other bed, which is shadier, but not ready yet.


^I’ve added radishes to the onion patch.  There is plenty of room for both to grow.


^The red clover is showing really well.  This will provide nectar to insects when it flowers and acts as a nitrogen fixer when dug back into the ground at the end of the season.


^Beetroots, with added radishes


^Garlic and marigolds


^Sunflowers from my brother – with FREE black ants, which I only notices once they were planted.  I’ve used a small amount of any powder to try and eradicate them.


^This is where I’ve planted Cosmos.  The netting will stay there until the seedlings show.  #^This is to prevent birds from taking them, and the local cats using it as their toilet!


^Dwarf peas are making some headway.  I’ve added another into this parch.  Hopefully this area will be full of growth in a week or so.

As no rain is forecast, I’ll need to give everything a good soaking with the hosepipe soon.





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