Monthly Roundup: May


May has been very hot and sunny weather for most of the time with heavy rain and cooler (slightly) temperatures in the final two weeks.

Onions, beetroot, garlic and dwarf peas have all put out leaves and shoots.


The two sunflower plants from my brother are growing well and are tied into canes.


I’ve potted his four tomato plants into one large pot,


but my own cherry tomatoes (planted at the beginning of April and still in the greenhouse) are very slow to grow – over-watering perhaps?


Though it looks as though I can start harvesting my salad leaves.


My beans aren’t doing well either.  It’s a good job I kept one plant in the greenhouse – just in case.


Potatoes are coming along.  The seed potatoes grown in the potato bag are erupting from the top.


While the sprouting potatoes planted not long ago are already showing signs of growth.


Though I’ve forgotten what I planted in these toilet rolls . . .


. . . could be carrots, could be Swiss chard.


It’s certainly changed in just over two-and-a-half months.



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