101 Uses for Old Bricks



These are the bricks we were left with from the old wall.

This is how I am slowly using them.


^A loose-laid path along the side of the house which will give me access to the other water butt to use on the front garden.


Every brick had to be lifted from the stack and dropped the other side of the water butt, then I had to run around to the front of the house to lay them, then scamper back again.  Who needs to go to a gym?

This is the second path – along the side of the garage.  This one is trickier as the access to it is very narrow.  I have to squeeze between the oil tank and the wood store – get the angle wrong and I could get stuck!

I am about a third of the way along, perhaps a little more.  The ground here is riddles with bindweed so the bricks will make it easier to use my weed burner on it.


Now we’ve got rid of the last of the builder’s rubble, I have my wheelbarrow back, so work should go quicker as I can move more bricks in one trip.

Once I have this path laid, I can store the remaining bricks here, down at the far end where they will act as a barrier to prevent my brother’s dog from escaping when he visits.



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