My Garden Plan: June 2018

So I thought it was time I updated my plan to show the current state of affairs.

Due to a week’s holiday, I have only just started a new batch of seedlings – and I need to get more compost to spread on Bed B, but that it dependent on whether they have any at the local recycling centre when we go.

For my first attempt, and considering the late start due to the extreme (for us) winter weather, I think I’ve done quite well.

I also think that a trip to the garden centre to boost my stock might be in order.

Bed B – June 2018  Shady
Plants   Plants   Plants   Plants
in    in    in    in 
Pots   Pots   Pots   Pots
Waiting   Waiting   Waiting Plants
for    for    for  in 
seedlings   seedlings   seedlings Pots
Waiting   Waiting Plants
Dwarf Peas for    for  in 
seedlings   seedlings Pots
Bed A – June 2018                        Sunny
Sunflower   Sunflower
  Sweetcorn Chives
Pink Cosmos Garlic cloves Red Clover Climbing Beans
& & First sowing (outdoors) & Runner Beans
Tumbling Tom tomatoes Pot Marigolds Green Manure (by arch)
Dwarf peas Radish  Radish & Salad Bowl Lettuce
First sowing (indoors) & Nasturtiums Onion Sets First sowing (indoor)
Second sowing (outdoors) First sowing (transplanted) 7 planted Second sowing (outdoors)

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