Weekend Workout

“One of the best known and most popular varieties available, Beetroot ‘Boltardy’ produces good yields of deep red, globe shaped roots”

Unfortunately, what I thought were beetroot growing in my garden turned out to be radish – so I don’t know where the beetroot went; but I definitely sowed the seeds.  Oh, well – another sowing should have me eating beetroot in about eight weeks!



I’ve made further inroads into planting up my second raised bed.


One of the benefits of using the grid system is that I only need to prepare and plant a section at a time.  So I outlined a small section in the front of this bed and emptied a bag of the free compost we got from the recycling centre a few weeks ago over the top – and started planting.

This bed still has quite a lot of stones/builders’ rubble in it, though I took out as much as I could; but every time I dug with the trowel, I hit something.  So I turned to a tool not many gardeners use – a screwdriver.  Ideal for making deep but small holes ideal for the first things to be planted – Leeks.

I bought a tray of Leeks a few days ago from the garden centre.  They were on the ‘to be rescued’ shelf marked down to £1.  I do like a bargain.


Without going outside to count them, I reckon there are around 25 leeks; though some were very thin and weedy, I’m hopeful they will grow.


In the remainder of the grid I’ve planted Swiss chard seeds at the back (under the mesh) and lambs lettuce in the front.

In the middle are the seedlings that I forgot to lable and can’t remember what they are.  They might be carrots, in which case they’re going to be very odd shapes (due to the stones) if and when they grow.


Just in case they don’t – or turn out to be something else entirely – I’ve put some carrot seeds into this pot containing a mixture of the free compost and some from a grow bag, with some moisture retaining crystals thrown in for good measure.  The miniature windmills are my attempt to stop birds eating the seeds.


These are my dwarf peas – I have six pods in total!

I thought I’d also planted some seeds directly into the soil – in the gaps – but nothing is growing so either they didn’t grow, or birds or slugs had them.  I’ll try again.

First Harvest

The salad bowl lettuce has been a success – I’ve picked and used the leaves at least six times and there are plenty more available.  I planted the Lambs Lettuce in the other bed to provide some variety.

Tomatoes and potatoes are flourishing and flowering, so it shouldn’t be too long before I see some results.

A week ago, I planted four cucumber seeds – all that were in the packet – and I’m pleased to say that shoots have started appearing.  We love cucumber, but the ones we buy from the supermarket are too big and don’t last long enough for us to finish one before it goes soft, so having our own and being able to pick one that’s just enough for a sandwich or salad will be a big bonus.

I also bought a packet of mixed seeds containing courgettes and squashes, so that’s my next job.  9191iZmdW-L._SL1500_

I just need it to rain now, to water the garden and fill the water butts.



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