Another Brick from the Wall

Remember these?


Despite the tropical temperatures, I have been working in the garden for a couple of hours every morning.

My next project is to lay more bricks – this time by the oil tank.  This stands on a concrete base and, since we moved it to its current position, the concrete has been covered by a layer of pebbles and stones of all sizes.

Day 1

It only looks a small area.  It’s shaded in the morning and late afternoon; in full sun in between times.  I think it will be the ideal place to make a herb garden – and use up more bricks!!!!!!!

DSCF0022As age catches up with me, I want to be sure that I don’t slip or trip on my occasional excursions to the back of the garage (well the side away from the house).

I completed this path a couple of weeks ago.


My only access is through a small gap between the oil tank and the wood store.  It’s wider than it was because we my husband managed to lever the FULL wood store an extra couple of inches further along.


So I removed 8 bags of stones and large pebbles, 2 buckets of small stones and gravel, and recovered almost a full box of extremely gritty soil dust.

I haven’t calculated how many bricks it will take to fill the gap, but I have more than enough for the job . . .


Day 2


New raised bed 

I placed a layer of bricks on top of the concrete.  Then a row of bricks to form the bed, placed cardboard on top, then a weed-surpressing membrane, added another layer of bricks to hold it in place – making sure it wasn’t pulled tight – then filled it with the gritty soil I removed from the same spot yesterday; plus a bit more.  I’ll need to add to it when we finally have rain and the level drops as the cardboard soaks it up.

Unfortunately, this STILL did not use up all the brick in the stack below my kitchen window, but it helped a lot.


And I’m determined to get to that wooden pallet – I have plans for it!

I’m hoping to use the new bed for growing herbs or sempervivums (house leeks) – or maybe a mixture of both, as apparently they like similar conditions and well-drained compost.

If it works well, then I’ll make some more herb beds in the front garden where, again, I have covered concrete with old bricks (now well weathered and cleaned of old mortar after fifteen years!)  There are enough bricks – and enough room – to make a low-growing thyme ‘hedge’.

I might even be ‘artistic’ and shape the brick walls into an approximation of a miniature knot garden.

And I’ll need some of the bricks to act as stands for the additional water butts I am going to buy!




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