I currently have four tomato plants in one large pot; they have some flowers but not a lot.  I’m not sure which variety they are as they came from my brother’s greenhouse.


They’ve had plenty of water, except for the week we were away.


There haven’t been many flowers, but we had some.


My first tomato.


And some yellow leaves.

I must be honest, it’s been a long, long time since I last grew tomatoes.  Because I used the compost from a growbag, I didn’t feed them.  I started a few days ago using three caps of a propriety tomato feed in one medium-sized watering can.

The internet – helpful though it sometimes is – gives the following information regarding yellowing leaves: this is a summary

  • It may be due to underwatering
  • It may be due to lack of nutrients
  • It may be due to overwatering
  • Leaves turn yellow in hot weather
  • It may be best to have them in shade in the afternoons

But how do I know which one (or more) applies?

They may have lacked water on occasion; I didn’t feed them until now; I may have overcompensated because – we are having extremely hot weather.

This may be a ‘wait-and-see’ moment.


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