Herbs and stuff

Having spent weeks removing builders’ rubble and stones (mostly) from my two raised beds, I found myself trying to reproduce exactly those conditions in my tiny herb bed.

On the advice of an assistant at our local independent garden centre (cheaper plants, more time to talk), I bought a 75 litre bag of John Innes Enriched compost and a smaller bag of grit to add to the reclaimed soil from the concrete plinth – and mixed it all together (not the full bag of compost, but at least half).


After giving the herbs, and the new raised bed a good watering (separately) the previous evening, it was now time to plant up.


I bought two different types of oregano – one plain and one variegated; a variegated lemon thyme and a common thyme – and transplanted some chives that were trying to grow in the shady part of one of the vegetable beds.  And I added a small rosemary plant that I’d bought from the supermarket several weeks ago.

Then I covered the bed with small and large pebbles and watered well.  I don’t want to put more grit or gravel on top yet in case I want to add more herbs or something dies.

I’ve added some succulents to the same bed, just a few of the babies to see how they get on.


My chives (lower right-hand corner) are starting to grow – but not much.  I’ve resorted to buying a large pot from the supermarket.

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