Monthly Roundup: July

The hot, dry weather continued for much of the month.  Water from our morning showers kept plants in the front garden alive – just.   In the back garden, I ignored two areas of raised beds that are in need of complete refurbishment.

My new herb bed seems to be a success as the plants bed-in and begin to spread.


Likewise the five pelargonium plants which I ‘rescued’ from the garden centre and hung in pots on the trellis fence.

21 JULY 2018

At the start of the month I potted on my three surviving cucumbers, placing them, pots and all, into 1 litre plastic pots – along with water retaining granules to help them on their way.  Later, after a couple of heavy downpours soaked the soil, I planted them out into my second raised bed (B)

22 July 2018 cucumbers c

They’ve already picked up and, hopefully, we’ll be able to pass on some cucumbers to those who’ve shared theirs with us.

22 July 2018 cucumbers d

We had a few days of cooler weather in the middle of the month, and some heavy downpours which completely filled the water butts and did the garden a power of good – especially my leeks, which have sucked it up.

Lettuce continues to flourish – I’ve even taken to removing the largest leaves and throwing them over the back wall for the wild rabbits.

The sweetcorn developed flowers at the start of the month, and by week 3, I noticed small cobs forming on the stems.  As I know nothing about growing sweetcorn, I am taking this to be a good sign.

23 July 2018 (3)23 July 2018 (4)

Work to tidy up the garden continues.  I’ve spent several mornings (before it became too hot to work outside) cleaning and sorting pots; getting rid of weeds and re-arranging things on my smaller (shady) patio.  The Tumbling Tom tomatoes have gone here in the hope that they will revive after being moved from Raised Bed A where they were in competition with my Cosmos.

23 July 2018 (11)

Which gave me room to tidy the main area

23 July 2018 (5)

And I managed to mulch the remainder of Raised Bed B – a layer of old credit card slips that I’ve been waiting to burn, a bit of cardboard, and the two bags of old compost I removed from terracotta pots.

23 July 2018 (8)

A bit more rain and the paper will start to break down; by next spring it will have disappeared.

23 July 2018 (9)

I’ve carefully positioned these images to avoid the last of the old bricks along the opposite wall.

23 July 2018 (12)

On a  positive note, the builders have returned to makeover my front steps.

6 September 2016

These were edged with old house bricks which had crumbled and were now dangerous.  They replaced them with engineering bricks from my never-ending stash.  We just have to wait until the mortar goes off.

24 July 2018 Front steps (2)

The final weekend of the month, we had mixed weather here in North Wales.  Just short showers on Saturday (that did the garden no good at all) and some strong gusts of wind that had me fearing for the safety of my eight-feet tall sunflowers).

Sunday was a different matter, heavy rain from the early hours and I kept my fingers crossed that it lasted.   I could almost hear the garden sighing with relief and my leeks seemed to double in length overnight.  Still had to water the tomatoes in their pots though!

We had wildfires lasting several days in the hills that closed roads and people had to be evacuated on Saturday evening.  Thankfully the fire is about fifteen miles away from us, though we could smell the smoke.  Just hoping the rain helps to put it out.


We have completed a few of projects on our To Do list.  Specific posts about these will be popping up over the next month or so.

I wonder what August will bring to the garden?

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