Magic Beans

Climbing Beans Mixed


I’m trying these beans out this year.  Previously I’ve grown broad beans and runner beans, but my husband didn’t like them.

30 MAY 2018

I sowed the seeds indoors in April, although because of the cold weather, they were slow to germinate

12 MAY 2018 A

I had to plant them out at the end of May, as we were going on holiday for a week and there was no-one to water them.

30 MAY 2018 A

They’d grown a bit by the time we came home, though we’d lost one.

19 JUNE 2018

I direct-sowed additional seeds and crossed my fingers

16 JULY 2018 A

Beans started to appear at the end of June, but it was the middle of July before we picked the first of the crop

16 JULY 2018 B

The black/purple ones look very odd – like little aliens caterpillars before they swell up.

16 JULY 2018 E

There are now five plants twining their way up the arch.

21 JULY 2018

There is no distinguishable difference between the ones started in the greenhouse and the direct sown plants.  Next year,  I won’t bother starting them early under cover.

16 JULY 2-18 E

I don’t know if the white flowers produce the green beans and the pink produce the black ones

21 July 2018 a

We’ve taken the odd bean or two and added them (raw) to salad, but this is the first time there were enough for a side vegetable for two (cut into smaller pieces).

When cooked, the black beans turn dark green, and they were very tasty – lightly steamed for five minutes only.

I’ve recently sown five seeds from a packet of runner beans on the other side of the arch.  It’s not too late because we are always around two to three weeks behind those in more sheltered areas.  I’m crossing my fingers.


What a whopper!!!!!

18 August 2018 (7)

Photo taken on 18 August 2018 – this bean is approximately 12 inches long!

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