Six on Saturday: 18 August 2018

I’ve not been doing a lot in the garden the past couple of weeks as decorating is taking priority.  But during the times when it was sunny, but not too hot, and we couldn’t even get inside, we managed to complete a few things.  So here are my six.

  1.  Completed my shady border – Peonies, clematis montana and Japanese anemones

9 August 2018 8

2.  Finished my pallets project – but what to grow?


3.  Used a few more old bricks to make shallow beds for succulents and herbs at the front of the house.

11 August 2018 (5)

4.  Harvested Moneymaker tomatoes – with plenty more to go.  Someone suggested I should cut off the tips to put more energy into the fruit.  Any thoughts either way?

18 August 2018 (11)

5.  Watered and fed leeks – and even ate a couple – not bad for a tray of  20+ ‘rescue’ plants for £1.  Cucumber plants in the background – several tiny cucumbers now showing.

18 August 2018 (6)

6.  Cleared nasturtiums and marigolds and sowed rocket seeds

18 August 2018 (4)

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 18 August 2018

  1. I love to grow arugula (rocket) and I agree that it is a very easy plant to grow, especially if you allow some of it to bloom and self-seed in future years. The blossoms are quite beautiful and will also be early attraction for pollinators in late winter/early spring.

    Your brick succulent bed is wonderful! Can’t wait to see what you grow there.

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  2. Have you ever tried growing rocket before – is it quite foolproof to grow? I found a packet of rocket seed I must have got as a free gift with something, but I’m always wary of growing things labelled as “easy” as the ‘poached egg plant’ seeds that claim to be simple for children to grow never germinated!

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    1. I haven’t grown it before – though I like eating it! – but on last week’s Gardeners World (10th August), Monty Don said it was the ideal time – and sowed some, saying he hopes to be still harvesting it in early November. I’ve had several things not germinate – beetroot, though the few I’ve sown now seem to be growing; Swiss Chard – no idea what happened to that. But it’s my first year and we’ve had two weather extremes, so I won’t let it put me off trying again. Sow your seeds and we can compare!


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