Six on Saturday: 25 August 2018

After a busy few weeks having the house decorated, I didn’t get much time to go in the garden.  But here’s what’s happening now for my Six on Saturday

24 August 2018 (13)

Another project using left-over bricks – new ones this time – and house leeks – a full post about this is scheduled for October.

18 August 2018 (1)

Harvesting plenty of Moneymaker tomatoes – with more to come.  Though I’m not sure if they will all ripen and I’m away the first week in September with no-one to water them for me.

25 August 2018 (5)

A bit of an oddity with my two sunflowers.  This one – the first to flower – now has six smaller flowers and a few more buds.  The other one – planted at the same time and presumably from the same batch of seeds – has no side shoots at all.

25 August 2018 (2)

According to research, my sweetcorn should be ready to pick now the tassels have turned brown, but the kernels are small and quite small and flat near the top.  I wonder if I should water them more to plump them up?

25 August 2018 (1)

Despite providing sticks for the cucumber plants to climb, this one prefers to grow sideways instead.  Several tiny cucumbers showing.  More watering!

18 August 2018 (13)

I’ve also trimmed back the lavender in the side border which has allowed the Sedums to come through.




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