Garden Projects: Water Feature

26 July 2018 Water Fountain 3

I’ve had this Lion mask water fountain for years.  It came with an electric pump, which limited where it could go as it needed access to a power socket.  It spent some time on the wall of the garage and some time on this trellis.  Then it was on another trellis but with no power to operate it, the pump gave up in the end.

Then we had the idea of buying a solar pump and put the fountain on another wall.  But the pump wasn’t powerful enough to force the water through the tube to the lion’s mouth, then we operated it without enough water and it burned out.

So, finally, we’ve tried again.  Another solar pump, a bit of a struggle to fit it inside the fountain – but we managed by cutting some of the plastic away at the back – and it worked!

26 July 2018 Water Fountain 1

It may not be it’s final place in the garden, but I’m happy to see it working once more.  And there’s no better sound than trickling water on a hot summer’s day.

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