Six on Saturday: 8 September 2018

Here are my Six on Saturday for this week.  I’ve been away on holiday for a week and everything has been getting on with growing and producing fruits/pods/buds.  So this is what I came home to.  Apologies if the photographs are slow to appear – not sure why that is!

  1.  The beans have been busy.  I picked and froze everything on the plants the day before we went away.  Will have to do another batch now – a job for tomorrow. 20180908 (4)
  2. These are my Moneymaker tomatoes – left outside (though moved to a sunnier position).  I finally decided to cut off all the growing tips and yellowing leaves before we went away – and this is what’s happened.  Not sure how much sun we’ve had at home, but they are finally ripening.20180908 (8)
  3. These are the Tumbling Tom cherry tomatoes.  They were held back because I put them in a shady position during all the hot weather.  I moved all four plants into my greenhouse and left them soaking in trays of water (I used new cat litter trays).  When I got home this morning, all the trays were dry and these had appeared.20180908 (11)
  4.  The Cosmos I grew as a companion plant for radishes and beetroot (both failures) has now taken over the space completely.  I grew them from seed and didn’t realise how tall they would be.  Something for the front garden next year.20180908 (12)
  5.  And my new white Japanese Anemones are getting ready for their starring role in my shady border, with plenty of buds appearing on both.  I’ve had a pink one for years and it usually flowers from August to the end of November, so a really good plant for light shade.20180908 (2)

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