Garden Project: Steps

In July, we had our lovely builder Ben back to carry out some work on our front steps.  When we had the new patterned concrete path laid some years ago, we asked the company to edge the steps in red brick to match the house.

Of course we had bricks available for them to use.  But over the years the bricks had worn and crumbled as the postman and delivery drivers stand on the edge of the steps instead of in the middle.  There were becoming a danger to anyone using them.


Here they are in 2014 – fully colonised by campanula and alchemilla mollis.

6 September 2016

Starting to show other signs of wear in 2016.

So Ben has been around to replace them with engineering bricks – which we should have used in the first place.  As they are slightly larger in size than the originals, Ben had to cut away some of the decorative concrete.

23 July 2018 (4)

Purely a coincidence, but Ben’s dad works for the company that laid the concrete, and remembers working on our path and drive, and then again on our patio.

So for a few days, while the mortar set hard, we had to keep visitors away from the front door and request they leave any post/packages/deliveries by the back door instead.

24 July 2018 Front steps (2)

Do you think they got the message?

24 July 2018 Front steps (1)

And here they are – clean and whole again.

2 thoughts on “Garden Project: Steps

    1. We’re pleased with them – and they’re much safer. I’m still trying to remove the Alchemilla Mollis though – using a weed burner, though a flame-thrower may be a better solution. It’s a lovely plant which I’ve enjoyed for thirty years, but it gets everywhere.


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