Six on Saturday: 6 October 2018

Unfortunately NOT Six on Saturday, but a very frustrating Four.  Not because I haven’t got photos to share – although it is getting harder to find things to photograph – and I had some autumnal lovely images to share.

No! My problems appear to be thus . . .

  1. My extremely slow broadband (average upload speed usually around 0.85 gps) is even slower than usual, with the result that it has take me almost 90 minutes to upload just these four images.  It also means that everyone else’s images appear at a snail’s pace when I read your contributions
  2. My new camera records much more detail which mean there is more information to upload, which slows things down even more.

If anyone has any ideas how I can make things load faster on WP then I’d be willing to try them.

Here in Wales, we should all have had access to fibre broadband by December 2015.  Last year we had all the new cabling BUT still nothing doing.  I’ve asked my MP to look into it, so we’ll see what happens.




2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 6 October 2018

  1. I had to learn to resize all my photos before uploading them to WordPress, because I don’t want to pay for an account and my camera also takes large file photos. I use the program Paint (which I found online free) to resize them all and choose a standard pixel width of 800 just because I randomly chose that number to begin with and it seems to work without losing much definition or taking up much space. Make sure you are resizing a copy, not your original, so you don’t lose your nice full size photo in case you want to later print it or do something else with it.

    These are very nice photos. I hope you’re having fun with your new camera!

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