Six on Saturday: Take Two

Yesterday, I only managed to upload four photographs, which I put down to a combination of extremely slow internet in my area AND taking images on a new camera that has much better image quality than my previous one.

In frustration, I asked for help and Mola from My Own Little Allotment suggested I try resizing copies of my images using Paint software, which I thought I had on my computer.

However I found that Window 10 has an easier way to deal with this – a drop down menu (the . . . [see more] in the top right-hand corner of the screen when you open your image to edit it).   There you can click on re-size.  I chose M (medium), which it says is best for emails and messages, and saved it to a separate file.

Then I opened a new blog post and uploaded both the original image and the resized image – the resized image loaded almost immediately while the original buffered for a while before I had a message saying the upload had failed.

So here are the images I tried – and failed – to share yesterday.

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