Rain has stopped play for this weekend so I have been struggling to come up with six images to share for The Propagator’s Six on Saturday challenge.

20181013 (2)

This is a view of my two raised bed where I started growing vegetables this year.  Taken from my study window.  At least the patio looks reasonable tidy after my efforts last week.

This is a view of my tiny front garden, taken through the bedroom windows, hence the weird perspective.

This is the shady corner.  The Japanese Anemone would usually have covered this area by now.  I don’t know if it’s been affected by the extremes of weather this year, or is just coming to the end of it’s useful life.  Maybe it need splitting.

In previous years I would have cut back all this foliage to get it into the garden waste bin before the council stop the collections for the winter.  But this year, they have decided to charge for collecting garden waste.  Instead we’ve been taking everything that we can’t compost to the Recycling Centre instead.

So this is probably the first year I’ve left it, and these lovely colours are my reward!  Mostly peony leaves, but some Astilbe too.  If anyone comments, I’m doing my bit for wildlife!!

Speaking of which . . .

DSCF0500 (2)

. . . this cheeky squirrel appeared on Thursday morning.  We’ve lived here for thirty years and never seen one until early summer when a young one fell off the fence.  I suspect this one has take up residence in my neighbour’s trees – which he still hasn’t trimmed or thinned.

Every cloud . . .

DSC_0621 1

This is the sapling that overhangs the shady corner of my front garden.  It’s a nuisance because it’s right in front of the street light, and in the dark when the wind blows and the tree moves it looks like flickering flames.  Which sounds pretty, but is actually quite alarming as we’ve had a couple of arson attacks on vehicles in the village recently.

But when they fall, those leaves are mine.  They’ll be stored in black bin liners inside old rubbish bins for two years, until I have some lovely mulch.