Six on Saturday: 20 October 2018

I thought I would be struggling to find six images to share this week.  Yesterday we had sun and mild weather so we went for a walk at Erddig (NT) were the woods outside the park are slowly changing to their autumn colours. I did wonder if they’d mind if I took a few leaves (sacks) home?


And we came across these – which I think might be Harlequin ladybirds; they look similar to images online – I’ve sent the details to the Harlequin Ladybird Survey, who are monitoring their spread, just in case.


Two weeks ago, I planted out some garlic cloves.  Some in a raised bed and some in pots.  After receiving a bag of grass clippings from my brother, I went out this morning to mulch them (as recommended) and found they have already sprouted – almost every one that I had planted.

20181020 (1)

This my last (second) cucumber.  I’ll leave it for the slugs.

20181020 (4)

Having grown sunflowers for the first time this year – with good success – I have been left with the seed heads, which I thought I would put out for the birds when the cold weather comes.  But someone said that birds prefer loose seeds and won’t eat them if they’re still fixed.  Has anyone had experience of this?

20181020 (7)

And the first crocus have appeared – I’ve no idea which variety or what colour!

20181020 (15)

So there are my six for this week – have a look as some other images at The Propagator’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 20 October 2018

  1. Something was clearly already eating that cucumber! Do you think that slugs are capable of taking big bites out of a vegetable like that? I confess that we do not have many slugs here (or at least, that I haven’t seen any in years) so I don’t know anything about them. Except maybe that you can drown them in a saucer of beer? I remember reading that. I would guess that a larger animal such as a squirrel or chipmunk had been eating that cucumber, if I saw such a thing in my garden.

    As for your sunflower question, I can’t tell you about birds but I know that squirrels will ravish the entire head of a sunflower. They don’t care whether the seeds are shelled, unshelled, harvested or not.

    Your garlic sprouts are very cute! Good for you, to already have them in the ground and growing.

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    1. Definitely slugs on the cucumber – they were still eating it when i picked it. Good to know about squirrels and sunflowers; though we don’t have any in the garden there is a place that I can take the sunflower heads. Garlic takes a long time to grow into a bulb – various sites have said 20 to 36 weeks – so thought I’d better start early!


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