The first image for this week’s Six on Saturday is shared to shame me into spending some time in my shed and tidying it up.  This is part of a cupboard built by my hubbie to my design.  It’s based on one of those old kitchen cupboards from the 1950s – a cupboard underneath, another at the top, and a flap that folds down, which I used as my potting bench – this is that bit.

20181102 (8)

It definitely needs a good sort out.  But I’ve made a start by putting the lights away in their box.

20181102 (9)

This was a set of four solar powered lights which we attached to the gutter on my shed.  But we’ve taken them off for the winter.  At only £9.99 for the four from one of the bargain outlets, they were worth the money.  They didn’t give out a bright light, but that wasn’t what I wanted.


The herbs are still growing well.  They were only planted at the end of June and have had two ‘haircuts’ already.



And this is what remains of my bay tree after I attacked it with the pruning shears two weeks ago.  I want to take off the top to below the top of the shed, then gradually reduce the trunk until it’s small enough to remove it completely from this small raised bed.

My plants have enough competition with next door’s trees.  But I’ve taken cuttings which, if they take, I’ll confine to pots.  I’ve got everything crossed!