Six on Saturday: 10 November 2018

This week’s Six are all under cover.  Have a look here for what others are sharing this week on The Propagator’s Blog

First, inside my potting shed.  Remember that messy cupboard from last week?

20181104 (3)

It looks a lot tidier now.  And I tackled the rest of it too;  battling huge spiders, three wasps and a dead mouse.

20181104 (1)

20181104 (4)

Meanwhile, inside the house . . .

20181102 (1)

The orchid I re-potted a few weeks ago doesn’t appear to have suffered any harm and there is even the start of a new stem (or it might be a leaf).

20181102 (2)

My Easter/Christmas cactus is in flower.  I think it’s about time I re-potted it

20181102 (3)

And this is my continued attempt to grow ginger lilies.  They’ll have to stay like this for a while longer until I can work out how exactly you can get moist but well-draining compost!



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