A garden of two halves

January 2015

This photograph was taken at 8:27 on the morning of 18 January 2015, and shows the main/upper patio and my potting shed/greenhouse.  Since then we’ve had the raised beds built.

With the sun rising behind the shed, and this area free of trees, it is the sunniest place in the back garden.  In 2019, I intend to make full use of that step for tomatoes, ensuring they receive sun from at least two directions for most of the day.

As we follow the sun’s path left to right, the garden becomes progressively shadier due to my neighbour’s trees.

June 2015 2

June 2015










This is the final border to be cleared and replanted – but first I need to remove two dwarf olive trees and a  bay tree.  Perhaps this bed will become my ‘salad’ and leafy vegetable bed.

Shady Border 2   Shady border 1

9 August 2018 8  June 2015 4

Above is the shady border I made in 2018.        This is the shady patio – too cold to sit except on the hottest of days.  I am looking for vegetables that will tolerate what I optimistically call ‘dappled shade’, will grow happily in containers, and tolerate the prevailing wind from the left of these images.

6 August 2018 (3)

And I want to grow something edible on this right-hand trellis – both to act as a windbreak and to give some privacy from the neighbours.  I have two large terracota post that will fit the space.  I don’t want to continue the raised bed as I need easy access to that water butt.

Fruit or squashes perhaps?  Suggestions on a postcard please!

This is the border with it’s autumn coat on.  I’ve had to hand-pick the leaves off the top because I don’t want them to rot down as there is a weed-suppressing membrane under the stones.

Shady Border 3  Shady Border 4