While The Propagator and other gardening companions still have photographs of their gardens to share for Six on Saturday, I have nothing this week.  A combination of wet weather and heavy colds has kept us mostly indoors, apart from a mad dash to pull up one of my remaining leeks yesterday afternoon.

So as Christmas madness and mayhem goes into overdrive now we’re in December, I thought I would combine SoS with a look at inexpensive presents for gardeners.

What gardening item(s) would you like for Christmas?

  • I want some new gardening gloves – the ones with  rubberised palms and fabric backs.  Easy enough to buy in garden centres and homestyle outlets – but not usually in size small!
  • And a few sacks of general compost to top up my raised beds would be good too.  Much better than gift soaps, hand-cream or expensive diaries that I don’t use!

20181130 (5)

This is my brother’s Christmas present. (It’s OK – he doesn’t know about this blog!)  Since his divorce two years ago, he’s been trying to build up his gardening supplies as he left everything behind.  So each year I buy something to help – and it means he gets things he needs and something he wants!

His 50th birthday present in May 2018 was a large glazed pot which he has planted up with an Acer.

  • First is a set of 4 terracotta pots – the smallest is 3 or 4 inches in diameter.

20181130 (2)

  • Then these small plastic pots in a tray – which should be useful in the greenhouse.

20181130 (6)

  • A ball of garden twine in a handy tin

20181130 (7)

  • An enamel mug with a suitable sentiment

20181130 (8)

  • And this is a pack of plant clips in various sizes.  These are ideal for those dark nights when the wind gets up and you realise you never got around to tying in your outdoor tomatoes or sunflowers.  They are spring-loaded, just squeeze until they open, clip plant and cane together and let go.  Quick and easy.
  • Other items in the box are a pack of wooden plant labels,
  • a packet of eco-friendly fabric growing pots,
  • some ‘peat’ pots
  • a £20 garden gift voucher.


Apart from the voucher, the individual items cost very little and have been gathered over several months (hence the tray of plastic pots looking a bit faded – I left them in my shed on top of a cupboard).

And, of course, we’ll swap seeds and seedlings next year.