A Commemoration Wreath


Today (Saturday 8th December 2018) is the twenty-third anniversary of my mum’s death.  Tomorrow (9th December) would have been her 90th birthday.

Instead of buying cut flowers wrapped in plastic to take to the Crematorium Gardens, I make my own wreath out of whatever greenery is available in the garden.
In previous years I’d used twisted lengths of Virginia Creeper to fashion the base, but as I got rid of it all in the summer, I resorted to tying lengths of Bay Tree branches together in a rough circle, wrapped it around with ivy stems, and tied it with garden twine.


I added sprigs of rosemary and olive, inserted some ivy flowers, a couple of twigs from a cotoneaster and some pieces of fuchsia.




All completely natural, biodegradable, and not harmful to wildlife.


I think it’s more personal to make something than buy it.  What do you think?

8 thoughts on “A Commemoration Wreath

  1. I like your ideas for making the base – mine’ve always been a bit clumsy, so putting the twist may be what I need to do. You’ve made a wonderful memorial for your mother. I’m sure she would’ve loved it, too.

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