Six on Saturday: 15 December 2018

20181215 Poinsetta & Cyclamen (4)

A new cyclamen – I’m hoping to keep it alive by leaving in my very cool conservatory.

20181215 Poinsetta & Cyclamen (6)

20181215 Poinsetta & Cyclamen (3)

Though this poinsettia is also currently in the conservatory, it seems they don’t like temperatures below 13’C – so this one may have to move into the dining room.

20181215 Poinsetta & Cyclamen (2)

And my plans for my very shady border are taking shape.  I’ve decided to remove that border completely and replace it with a row of lean-to greenhouses/tall cold frames – four or five depending on the actual measurement of the area.

In the bottom half of two of them, I’ll build compost bins (size to be determined as I understand there is an optimum area to avoid cold spots).  The whole will be topped off with a sloping roof, from which rainwater will be directed to a water butt.  Similar to these rough plans.

Plan for cold frames and compost binsfloor plan 1

So that’s my six for The Propagator’s Six on Saturday challenge.

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 15 December 2018

  1. The cyclamen are so colourful.

    I kept a poinsettia outside for 11 years in a pot. I cut it right down in spring and rested it in a shady corner of the garden all summer. Night time temps in the winter could go as low as 2C but because it was under a terrace against the house wall it was fine. So… yours may survive in your conservatory. I am not saying it will but once you are done with it it could be worth experimenting with.

    Mine finally died when I went away for a month and left it on the watering system and it sat in a pool of water and rotted.

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