Seeds, Glorious Seeds!

I’ve been waiting for two packs of tomato seeds ordered online.  Scheduled date of arrival was between 28 November and 5 December.

One pack is Super Marmande – a beef tomato


The other is Yellow Pear – as the name suggests a pear-shaped tomato slightly larger than a cherry tomato


These seeds arrived a couple of weeks ago.

20181128 (1)

I have no idea which variety they are, so had to wait for the other pack to be delivered and hope that they were named.

But I did receive a free gift of Safflower seeds.

20181128 (2)

I’ve heard of safflower oil but don’t know the plant.


It looks like they like a sunny well-drained spot and room to grow.  One for the front garden, I think.  This article has more information, as does this one.

It suggests that the seeds are direct sown in November or December as the plant produces a long taproot that does not like disturbance,  but that seems to be in countries with a warmer climate than North Wales.

They cost me nothing so I can afford to experiment.  I’m thinking of using the cardboard tube from inside a roll of kitchen towel and starting them off in the greenhouse, or even indoors.

First I need to gather the cardboard tubes.  There are eight seeds, so I might have to use two toilet roll centres taped together instead.  (We use more toilet rolls than kitchen rolls).

Then the second pack of seeds arrived on 7 December – again, I am none the wiser as to which variety it is.  Oh well! Variety A and variety B it is then – until they fruit!



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