I wasn’t sure I’d have anything new for this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator, but a quick tour of the garden on a surprisingly warm and sunny day gave me these images to share.

20181229 (1)

The leeks are still growing well.  We had some with our Boxing Day lunch and I’ve harvested some small ones this morning to add to a chicken and ham pie for tea.

Because the weather is dry, I’m happy to stand at the compost bin to trim and clean the leeks before taking them inside.

20181229 (8)

I think I’m getting the hang of this composting lark now.  If only my husband wouldn’t keep throwing stuff into the recycling bag.  I’ll have to make him a list!

20181229 (3)

My herbs are enjoying some sun too.  I have plans to move them from this spot and take away the bed as I have similar beds to fill in the front garden.  This will give me a large sunny area for my potato bags.

20181229 (5)

My crocuses are growing well, with one flower almost open.

20181229 (2)

And my house leeks are growing new babies – all the more to fill those front brick beds.

20181229 (14)

This is one of the dwarf olive trees.  I love the gnarly trunk and, hopefully, when I remove it from this border, it will transplant into a large pot with no problem.  I bought two at the same time about 15 years ago.  For a sneaky bonus image – this pathetic specimen is the other one.