Six on Saturday: 12 January 2019

I’m staying  mostly indoors for this week’s Six on Saturday, although the weather is still mild.  After a dry spell, we had some rain mid-week, so next week I expect my bulbs to have had a growth spurt.

20180104 new tools (12)

I still have six or seven leeks left in the garden.  This one is by far the fattest and tallest. A 2018 success that I hope to repeat this year.

20180104 new tools (14)

Indoors, I’m still waiting for these ginger roots to grow more nodules.  Apparently it’s expected that they shrivel up; just as long as they don’t go mouldy or start to rot, I’m still in with a chance of producing viable plants.

20180104 new tools (13)

My ‘birthday’ poinsettia has been watered twice since 14th December.  It’s lost several leaves and a couple of the bracts (are they bracts?) are past their best.

20180104 new tools (16)

Here are just a few of the spider plant ‘babies’ I grew on last year.  Every single one of them now needs re-potting, but while I have enough pots, what I don’t have are pot covers.

I even tried using used food tins (there’s one there at the back) but I found they eventually left rust-rings on the windowsills, so I need something that won’t leak.

I fear that plastic covers are the only answer – though they are hard to find.  Plant saucers take up too much space.


This experiment has worked out so far.  The cage is only 7 inches in diameter, so I will have to swap this plant soon for one of the smaller ones.

This bag of multipurpose compost is a surprise gift from my brother.  ‘Suitable for everything’ he says.  Maybe it’s the seaweed!


2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 12 January 2019

  1. An interesting SoS. I love the plant cage! I have a spider plant and it’s driving me mad as its on the ground and it’s shoots of babies are like trip-wires. You have also reminded me I need to see if I can grow my own ginger. I wonder do you keep in the light or a dark warm (like the airing cupboard) place for it to grow shoots? I am thinking of potatoes.

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