Here are my six for today.  Take a look at The Propagator’s Blog for inspiration.

20190117 (12)

Because we usually go in and out of the house via the back door, I do not look at my front garden border on a regular basis, so was pleasantly surprised to see that the crocus bulbs I planted three or four years ago are more advanced that the bulbs I planted in pots last September.

I was also reminded that I never did finish my additional ‘dry’ border project (using up the remainder of the old bricks), so the only thing that has changed is that bricks are a bit cleaner as some of the old mortar has washed away – which is a bit worrying as the same mortar is (presumably) holding my house together!

20190117 (8)

I’m never sure if I should cut this Mexican Feather Grass down in the autumn or not.  It’s the only thing that gives a bit of height and interest to that border at this time of year, but new green stems are already growing.

Before now, I have been known to take an old hairbrush and run it through each clump to remove the dead and loose stems.  What does everyone else do?

20190118 first snow of winter (3)

Raised Bed A – and the garlic is still there.  What you can’t see because of the dusting of snow, is that I’ve begun laying empty 2 litre plastic bottles on the surface in the hope that a.  It will deter the cats (some of those battens will be moved to the other bed shortly)
b.  They will help to warm the soil.  It’s yet another experiment – and when they’ve done that job, they’ll be used as mini cloches or as water reservoirs in pots and containers.

20190118 first snow of winter (4)

Raised Bed B – still a few leeks left.  I had planned to fork over this bed while the weather was still relatively mild.  This is the bed that needs the most attention – and where the contents of my current compost bin are destined to end up.

If I fork it over before adding additional compost, I’m hoping the stones will work their way down, leaving decent stuff on the top.  I really don’t relish the thought of digging everything out and sieving it again.

20190118 first snow of winter (2.1) A ‘panoramic’ view which shows just how little growing space I have to play with.  Beyond that wall is nothing to do with me.