Monthly Roundup: January

1. 20190130 first thing (1)The month ended with snow, ice and freezing temperatures.  Mr O reported -7 on his morning commute today.

It’s a good job he took down the conservatory gutters last weekend.

2. 20190130 a bit later (9)

This month I bought new garden hand tools, three windowsill propagators, my first early seed potatoes, and my brother bought me a bag of compost.

I’ve sown some Salad Bowl mixed leaves (hoping to pick and eat when they’re large enough), and dwarf peas, not for the pods but for pea shoots to add to salad.

After just one week, I had salad shoots and at least one pea shoot.  They’ve come on  bit since then, but not enough.  Possibly my kitchen windowsill is still too cold for them, though it does get the sun.

dscf0786    dscf0784

One gardening resolution is to label my seedlings this year, particularly important with my tomatoes.  I sent off for two varieties, and when they arrived neither were named so I called them variety A and B.  As one is a beef tomato and one is a yellow pear tomato, I’ll only know which is which when they fruit.

A quick check on some cuttings I made last year show that the fuchsia have new growth, while the three pots of olive cuttings aren’t doing so well.


The three small pots contain squash seeds – and they’re doing nothing at all.  Too early perhaps?

In the middle of the month, the weather tried to trick me (and my plants) into thinking it was April, before turning cold again with a few snow flurries.

20190118 first snow of winter (2.1)

All of a sudden, the crocuses in my front garden have shot up and were about to open their buds.  I grabbed these quick snaps before the snow arrived.  And I have my first snowdrops too.

20190117 (1)  20190117 (5)




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