Six on Saturday: 2 February 2019

.20190202 (13)

I ventured outside before lunch.  A quick visit to the greenhouse, and a mooch around the borders, where these dwarf narcissi have shot up.

20190202 (8)

This image really highlights how little sun we get in the back garden in winter; and it’s worse in the front, while neighbours opposite bask in the warmth and watch  their snow melt.

20190202 (9)

I think it’s time to finally put the last of my leeks out of their misery.  They’ve been the best performing vegetable in my garden.  Not bad for rescue plants costing only £1.  Leek and potato soup anyone?

20190202 (3)

These are the salad leaves I’ve been trying to grow.  I’ve added more seeds and moved them to a different windowsill to see if that helps.

20190202 (4)

The pea-shoots are doing much better now I’ve taken them out of the windowsill propagator.  The second sowing went mouldy.

20190202 (7)

So I’m trying the old-school method of starting them off in a jar on a piece of flannel – though in this case it’s a recycled noodle carton and a couple of layers of (new) dishcloth.  IF any of them sprout, I’ll pot them up.

Sadly, my dreams of fresh salad leaves and pea-shoots don’t look likely any time soon.

These are my Six on Saturday.  Follow the link to see how The Propagator and his followers are doing.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 2 February 2019

  1. Your poor salad leaves look like they are struggling with lack of light.

    Leeks! I love potato and leek soup! I made some this week and it was delicious. Someone suggested I added mustard just before serving… forgot. HAve you tried this?

    You have just reminded me… leeks and salad. I need a friend to get some plugs from the market for me!

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    1. I never thought of adding mustard – any particular kind? English mustard would be too strong. Salad leaves are on a SE facing windowsill – not sure how much more light they could have. Perhaps I need to move them into different rooms through the day B-)


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