Six on Saturday: 9 February 2019

I’ve been awake since 4 am.  Sixty-mile-an-hour gusts rattling the letterbox and clattering the slates.  I gave up trying to sleep at five am.

So here are my bleary-eyed six.  Follow the link to see how everyone else is faring.

20190209 (6)

I don’t know which direction the wind was coming from – it’s usually south-west (from right to left), but as you can see, one of my wrought iron chairs has been pushed across the patio from its place by the white table on the left.

The other one is lying on its back in front of the water butt.The weather is changing every five minutes from rain to sleet to sun, but still the wind blows.  It’s a day for hunkering down in front of a log fire here in North Wales.

20190206 (1)  20190206 (2)

2.  I’ve added another two new handtools to my collection.  While I haven’t got a lawn, I’m hoping the lawn weeder (l) will help with hand weeding the veg beds – and digging out young dandelions from the front.  Even with patterned concrete, weeds still seed themselves in the smallest gap, so a decent weed knife is essential.

20190206 (6)

After last year’s pathetic harvest from the Kelvedon Wonder dwarf pea, I’m going large this year – well at least two feet tall.

20190206 (3)

This year I’m looking for more flavour in my salad leaves.  Last years red and green Salad Bowl grew well but didn’t have much taste – this is a mix of mibuna, mizuna, red & green leaf mustard, pak choi and tatsoi.

20190206 (4)

I’ve decided to try spinach this year.  It’s not something we eat on a regular basis – probably because we’ve only ever bought it from the supermarket.  Hopefully it will be much nicer picked and cooked within a few minutes.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 9 February 2019

  1. I am also growing the Douce Provence pea. It will be interesting to see how they work out.
    I note your unwins spinach is highly resistant to mildew. Seems like a variety I should try and obtain. We are a bit restricted here for seeds. I tried to buy some iceberg lettuce seeds this morning. Two garden shops and nothing.It seems while the lettuce is sold in the supermarket, they are not a popular variety with Portuguese gardners. 😦

    I have a little gardening tool just like the first picture and it is brilliant for weeding pots.

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  2. We have been very lucky with avoiding the games here in the Cotswolds. I have had the same weeding tool for many years and not really used it much. I will try it for removing buttercups from the lawn. I am just about to sort out my seeds and decide which to throw away.

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