Six on Saturday: 16 February 2019

20190215 (16)

I’ve had pale purple crocus, and pale yellow crocus, now it’s time for these dark purple ones to shine in the front garden.  I took the precaution of photographing my garden yesterday – our second day of cloudless skies and warm sun.  The forecast for Saturday being wet and windy – it isn’t – it’s cool and sunny.

It was a good chance to see what all that sun has done to the garden.  Not a lot in my case, but we’re usually a good two weeks behind everyone else.

20190215 (19)

Already, iris shoots are starting to grow – along with the weeds.  Apparently dandelions are one of the earliest sources of nectar for bees, and we are encouraged to let them flower.  As it will be quite some time before this border is warm enough to work, I’m happy to do that, provided I can catch them before the seeds scatter.

20190215 (13)

This is an un-named variety of honeysuckle, grown from a cutting taken in France.  It’s scent was really strong and the leaves and stems are more delicate than the usual garden honeysuckle.  It seems happy enough in this pot, though it has never yet covered the wooden arch in front of the house.

You can see the difference here – this honeysuckle is in the shady back border – one of only three climbers that I left in place when I revamped it in 2018.

20190215 (7)

I love the bronze tinge on the new leaves.

I don’t know what these plants are.  They are in my shady vegetable bed and there are a lot of them.  Of course, I’ve now forgotten what seeds I scattered on that bed last year.  They don’t look like weeds and they’re definitely not potatoes,

Could they be:

  1.  Beetroot?
  2.  Squash?
  3.  Courgettes?
  4.  Cucumber?
  5.  Weeds?

20190215 (11)

And finally, a peek inside my compost bin – I’m getting the hang of filling it (I think) – a layer of vegetable peelings etc, layer of newspaper or cardboard, a layer of compost from the bottom of the bin.  Needs watering though.

20190215 (5)

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9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 16 February 2019

  1. It will be a surprise for you when the mystery seedlings grow a bit and you can discover what they are. I have no idea- not very good at identifying and I have decided not to grow veggies as it’s far too hot in the summer. Your crocuses are a pretty colour.

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