Six on Saturday: 23 February 2019


20190223 (3)

The promise of dry, warm weather – and another visit to the garden centre yesterday – meant I was out in the garden by 8:30.

My leeks were still clinging on, but their time was up.Β  A good haul – even if a couple of them do look more like spring onions.


20190215 (10)


Now you see them – now you don’t!

20190223 (5)

20190223 (9)

I’ve now cleared both raised beds – and raked out another bucket of stones and mortar left over from the building work last year – and covered both with cardboard to keep the weeds at bay (and the cats).

20190223 (8)

I’ve weighted them down with bottles of water.

20190223 (14)

As I plant on a grid system, I could plant through the cardboard,Β  cutting individual holes for established seedlings, or cut out larger squares for direct sowing.

The Propagator: Six on Saturday



9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 23 February 2019

  1. I love the creative way you have used the water bottles to weigh down the cardboard. While i like cats they are a pain in the butt when it comes to them using our veg patches as their personal toilet. Fortunately our local cat moved on as we have a resident mongoose in our garden.

    What do you plant to plant in your beds?

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