Sow a little seed or two

20190224 (2)
Tray 1 – sown 24 February 2019

Another warm and sunny day tempted me into the greenhouse to sow some seeds.

I remembered to label them, though I didn’t have a permanent marker to hand so the writing has run a bit when I sprayed the tray.  Here’s what I planted in the first tray.

Revised Tray 1 (1) (Resized)

The outer cells are empty because I don’t have a tray long enough for the module.  I don’t know the variety of the Butternut Squash as they are seeds I saved last year from a supermarket buy.

I’ve sown 2 seeds in each module for leeks, both tomatoes and the butternut squash.  I was more liberal with the lettuce, placing a pinch of seed in each section.

20190224 (3)
Tray 2 – sown 24 February 2019

A mass sowing (eight per module) of pre-soaked Kelvedon Wonder peas (black tray) for pea-shoots, flat-leaf parsley (rear) and coriander (front).

Tray 2 (Resized)


That’s the middle two shelves filled.

20190312 (8)

I resisted the temptation to sow more seeds; the long-range weather forecast is for cooler weather and the possibility of snow on high ground in the Northwest (which usually means North Wales too) sometime in the first two weeks of March.  Plus the usual wet and windy throughout the month!

But by the middle of March, I’d sown two modules of Rocket and four climbing bean seeds in one of the smaller propagators.

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