The Potato Diaries

20190120 (7)
20 January 2018

At first glance, not a lot has changed in the four weeks since I set out my early potatoes (Swift), but a closer look shows there is some new growth.

20190216 (3)
16 February 2019

Which is a relief – as I wasn’t sure how the removal of the long white shoots would affect them.

But as you can see there are new green shoots on several  potatoes.  I don’t mind that they’re not producing shoots at the same time as this will help with staggered planting – and I’ll have enough to hand on a few to family and friends.

I also bought a packet of second early potatoes – Nicola – and maincrop potatoes – Desiree.  Only ten of each though.

20190223 (11)

I’ve put Nicola in egg boxes to chit for a couple of weeks.  Desiree shouldn’t need chitting, but there are tiny sprouts already, so I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

“One of the commonest questions we are asked is should all types of potatoes (maincrop, second earlies and first earlies) be planted at the same time? The answer is an absolutely yes! The difference between the types is not when they should be planted but how long they take from planting to harvest.”

20190226 (7)
26 February 2019
20190226 (8)
26 February 2019