Monthly Roundup: February

20190216 (9)

I started growing pea-shoots last month, hoping to add the leaves to salads. 

I soaked some more peas for a couple of days.  This worked – up to a point.  Some of the peas sent out the first shoots, others fell apart or rotted.  But I planted what I could, just loosely placing them in with the existing plants.


20190216 (12)

So far so good.  But I need to grow more.

I spent some time going through my seed collection (to weed out all the out of date seeds).


And took the opportunity to sort them into date order – ie the earliest they can be sown – so far, most of them are in March!  But they look much tidier now


and I even drew up a helpful spreadsheet to pin by the potting bench for reference.

Seed Planting Timetable

As for the out of date seeds, I might just mix them together and put them in one big pot and see what happens.

I’ve bought a plastic ‘greenhouse’ for added protection inside my potting shed/greenhouse.  This is a different greenhouse from the one we are going to build.

20190223 (1)

At 195 centimetres (6 feet 5 inches) tall, it just fits along the back wall, and is wide enough to take an 84 hole modular propagation tray – shown here currently resting on (clean) cat-litter trays as I didn’t think to buy the matching water trays!

They’ll be OK – I just need to remember not to put compost in the end rows!

And I’ve prepared the raised beds for cultivation . . .


20190223 (5)
Raised Bed B (Partial Shade)

. . . digging out more stones and adding compost, before covering with a sheet of cardboard.

20190223 (14)
Raised Bed A (Sunny)

20190223 (3)

The final leeks.  Discarding the two that had begun to grow flower stalks, I still filled three freezer bags with leek slices for use in stews and soup.  I have already sown some leek seeds in my mini-greenhouse.

20190224 (6)

In the front garden, sedum Autumn Joy has lots of new growth.  I have three clumps like this and Spring appears to be the best time to divide it.

20190224 (9)

Some fresh growth also on my lavender.  Both the sedum and lavender are in the sunniest position – full sun from midday onwards, with a brick wall at their backs and well-draining compost at their feet.DSCF0032

The dark purple crocuses are at their best.  The pale purple are fading and the yellow have disappeared.


20190224 (13)

Mysterious bulbs removed from my sunny raised bed (none were planted as this is for vegetables only, so I don’t know what it is or how it got there.  They were next to the garlic row, but do not smell of garlic.

20190224 (16)

This, on the other hand, is one of the pots of garlic I planted last year.  The birds have begun nest-building and have started taking the grass clippings I used as a protective mulch over winter.

20190224 (15)


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