A Review of the Shady Border

20190313 (8)

Back in July 2018, I cleared and re-worked my shady border – the tiny raised bed on the southern boundary that is shaded in the summer by my neighbour’s overgrown trees.

It is the only border visible from my kitchen window and I wanted it to look and smell nice.

23 July 2018 (10)

I wrote a post about it in September and you can read about the work here – the removal (mostly) of Virginia creeper, the endless painting of the fence, and the selection of new plants and climbers that, hopefully, will suit those particular conditions.

For months, there has been nothing to see but vine wire and a few twigs.  Then, all of a sudden it seems, things have begun to grow.

Clematis montana (white and pink) and clematis alpina


The other plants are a honeysuckle which has plenty of new growth, two white Japanese anemones, and one pink anemone ‘rescued’ from the front garden.

The clematis will flower in spring before the leaves on the trees are fully out; the anemones will flower from the end of summer through autumn, as the trees lose their leaves.

The peonies are a bit of a gamble.  They grow well in my front border which gets full sun from noon onward, but the shady border does get late afternoon sun as it comes down the side of the house when the patio is in shade.

As with everything in my garden, it’s an experiment.



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