The Thrifty Gardener

20190317 The Thrifty Gardener (1)

The toilet roll was invented in 1879 by Thomas Seymour, Edward Irvin and Clarence Wood Scott of the Scott Paper Company.  In 1879, Walter Alcock created the perforated toilet roll.  In 1885, Oliver Hewlett Hicks patented packages of toilet paper and the manufacturing process.  In 1897, Wheelers Company began selling and marketing standard perforated toilet paper on a roll.

And I bet that as soon as someone invented the cardboard tube for the centre, gardeners everywhere began using the empty ones to sow seeds.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to turning making these ‘pots’ using cardboard tubes, scissors and a few minutes of your time.


Click on each image to see the different stages.  Would be a good way to get younger children involved from making the pot to seeing the final plant.

And, each pot will just rot away once you’ve planted it in the garden or a larger pot.

20190317 The Thrifty Gardener (11)

The final pots, ready for use.

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